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Sunlight poured into the classroom from the window. The warmth of the sun stroked me, making me sleepy. My eyelids have long been unwilling to listen to my dispatch <a href="">Newport Cigarettes Coupons</a>, and they have closed intentionally or unintentionally and opened. Because I slept late last night, and now is the most exhausting time in the afternoon, sleep fell over my body quietly. This lesson is a music lesson that seems to be unimportant. The desire to sleep has become like a wild horse, unstoppable. The teacher has started the lecture, and the lecture may be very exciting. The laughter and exclamation of the students can be heard faintly <a href="">Newport Cigarettes</a>. The sun makes me feel comfortable all the time, and I can't stand the huge torture anymore <a href="">Online Cigarettes</a>, and keep the book in front of me. At first, the teacher's voice was faintly heard. Gradually, the sound was low, and the corners of his eyes were dark. There are rules in our class, and credits will be deducted if the teacher is not careful to name the class. The teacher glanced at me, didn't do anything, and didn't name me. At this time, I was enjoying this beautiful dream, which turned out to be such a wonderful thing. After a while, the teacher walked towards me while talking about the lesson, watching me with light, and seeing that I had really fallen asleep, and the corners of my mouth were bent slightly. So when I passed by, I accidentally touched me. At this moment, as if by the strongest beam of sunlight, gently and gently touched me from my dream back to reality. The sun faded and slipped away from me. I looked up suddenly, everything seemed like it never happened. The teacher concentrated on lectures, cheers, and laughter intertwined in my ears. The teacher glanced at me lightly again, and the corner of her mouth curved an arc. I suddenly realized that in order not to let me deduct points, the teacher just quietly reminded me at this moment that in my heart it seemed to be flooded with that kind of sun and filled every corner. Let the sun get warmer.
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