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Dreams are the most common thing in people's lives, because people always believe that no matter what circumstances, as long as they have dreams in their hearts, they will not lose their way. Yes, I think dreams are a major driving force in life. Having dreams has a future. "I think people should not hear such words in ordinary life! But often this only gives people a moment of passion After a period of time, we will forget these celebrity epigrams and indulge in the raging life of the moment, so we should be young and work hard for our dreams. This is an era where there should be dreams, and what encouragement is also People ca n��t keep up with their own dreams. People need dreams throughout their lives, but they are not a flood of desires. Some people have so many dreams that they do n��t know what the dream is in the end. Stephen Spielberg once said: ��Dream It is to do what you like and create the world you want. "But dreaming without hard work is turning dreams into hopes. Bill Gates said:" Actually implement your dreams in order to realize their value, no matter how good your dreams are, unless you really do it yourself, otherwise Never gain. "Dream is nothing but another summary of one's pursuit of his idealized life and material spirit, but some people have different dreams. They dream of love for their family. For example, Russian musicians "I have failed many times, but in my creative career, I have always thought of people, my audience, and those who raised me. The public should accept my music, and this is my unremitting dream. "So dreams are not just selfish personal thoughts, but great and noble. Chen Anzhi said:" Help others to get what he wants, and he will also realize his dreams. "A person's dream can bring out a person's needs, because what he dreams of is what he does not have <a href="">Online Cigarettes</a>. People often say:" Eyes are the window of the soul, "then" Dream is the thought of the soul, and it is our secret truth. It is indisputable that Stephen Spielberg has become synonymous with today's Hollywood movies. His father told him from a young age that he had been fighting with the Japanese in Myanmar during the Second War <a href="">Marlboro Cigarettes</a>, and he made him aware of the 20th century. The 1940s left a romantic impression of the "Innocent Age", and often showed unsatisfactory real life in his films, compared to such an unattainable ideal age. Although his dream seemed unrealistic, but led him It has even affected countless movie fans across the country, full of innocent hope for life, and courage to face the future <a href="">Newport Cigarettes</a>. Is n��t dreams such a symbolic guide in life? In this world, "God" has given mankind many other creatures What we do n��t have that makes us one of the most successful creatures on the planet. I think the best gift God has given us is dreams. This is the greatest wealth we get, because only when we have dreams, There will be us who are constantly evolving now. If you want your life to continue to glow every day in the future, have dreams Is the best way. Let's take the process of insisting on dreams as the most exciting moment in life. Comment from Teacher Yin: I convinced my central point. The sentences are smooth, connotative, and memorable! Canonical Argument<br/>Related articles:<br/> <a href="">Marlboro Cigarettes</a>
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